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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Aaron Ikanni SUG President Aspirant With Transformation agenda 2019

 Comrade Aaron Ikanni with is campaign name NOSHAKING an aspirant for the post of the president, student union government  kogi state chapter comes up  with more enticing objectives for the student of kogi state university which he tagged  Transformation agenda 2019. He said am not just coming out to contest for this post as  a  coincidence, i have the full support of the entire students of kogi state university and their support is the fuel that  keeps my engine running.

 Transformation agenda 2019

1. Students unification and  participation :  the first assignment I will carry out when I emerge as the president of the Students Union is to unite the students and make everybody to participate in the Students affairs.

KSU is no longer a baby school, we deserve the best.
We need FREE WIFI  to access the internet free of charge. Don't tell me SUG don't have such money to carry out the project. The money that is released to the SUG every year is enough to that if not embezzled.

2. Security: it is no longer news that there is insecurity in KSU. Our students are harrassed, intimidated and sometimes killed, it pains me so much: we re going to work with the security unit to provide a strong security outfit to protect lives and properties of the students.

3. Quick release of results: since I came to KSU and now I am in 400 level, I only saw my result once and that is not encouraging.. Go to other institutions like ABU, Unilorin etc, their results re released as soon as they re resuming. But what we have here is carry over list and the carry over list don't come on time till exam is near. This disorganises the students: we re going to work with the management to proffer a lasting solution to the problem.

4. Health: our school clinic is so dilapidated and unequipped. When you have headache; the clinic would give you paracetamol and Panadol, Stomach ache; paracetamol and Panadol, fever; the same thing, haba ma na!!! We re going to work with the management, governmental and non governmental agencies to refurbish and re-equip our clinic.

5 Information flow: there is a popular saying that ' if you are not informed, you will be deformed.' in my little capacity as a student from the department of Mass communication, I provided information to students both within and outside the school premises.
If there is information flow, there will be transparency and accountability. Lack of this has bread corruption in the Students Union Government.
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An interview with Idris Mohammed Sanusi Aspirant For Director of Social 1 in the forth coming SUG election.

Can we meet you?

My name is Idris Mohammed Sanusi popularly known as Moa-sans

what post are you aspiring for in the upcoming SUG election?

Thank you, for the forth- coming election of the Student Union Government of KSU, I am aspiring for the post of Director Of Social (DOS 1), presently I am currently the  SUG director of social 2 (DOS2) in the union present administration.

From your previous statement, you are the current DOS2 of the SUG and I was opportuned to attend so many meetings and I noticed that the office of DOS2 was not effective as it ought to be, what do you think are the reasons for this?  


When I say to put things as it ought to be just as we tried to do then, my DOS1 and I planned and organised so many events, but unfortunately the one I really suggested was not picked, so the programs that we planned and carry- out was the ones DOS1 handpicked by himself and which he can testify that I cooperated with him to make it happen.

 As I usually say, I am coming to
harmonize all the students under our great citadel of learning not just for social activities but also for the collective unionism of the entire students and it is a belief that once you are organized things move into place so I am coming as DOS1 to harmonise and unite the students of this university so we can effectively work together.

Thank you. As it is now, being a director of social maybe 1 or 2, you will still be part of the union in general, so how do you intend to work with other SUG officials in the forth- coming house of the union in order to make this institution lively in its social aspect and any other capcity which you are been requested to perform in if the need arise?

What the students in general are praying for is for the emergence of a very good leader that will listen to the heart cry of the students at any point in time and also be focused at the task at hand as a leader.

 With such leader, it can be said that issues will hardly arise between fellow executives and the entire student demography. So we are pleading with the students that before electing us, they should conduct their research and findings towards such individual they wish to elect and also try to look at the capacities which this aspirants have performed in so as to ensure a smooth running of the Student Union Government in this our institution, thank you and God bless you.

Thank you very much sir.
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Saturday, May 4, 2019

An Interview with Comrade Idachaba Yusuf Aka Servantleader SUG President Aspirant

Can we meet you?

Am by name comrade Idachaba Yusuf aka servant leader and am an aspirant for the forthcoming student union government election and vying for the post of the president of the union(SUG),  this has been my major aim.

What are your plans towards the students of Kogi state university?

My aims and objectives are not farfetched, student unionism is craving good leadership, a purposeful leadership, leadership of student first and is that leadership I have at heart, and as a purposeful servant leader I am here to serve.

Recent administration had been characterized with looting of funds meant for student welfarism, lack of implementation of proposed projects and so many failures please what is your take on this? 

One of the means of being a good student leader is antecedents and preparation, this is what the previous position that was handled by my predecessors lacked.

I have handle several positions in the past as far as Kogi State University is concern an I have proven to be astute and capable in such positions. I charge anyone one with an atom of doubt to go and check my previous records to see if I have been found wanton with issues relating to misappropriation of funds or any forms of embezzlement.

Please what is your take on the additional N5000 students are been charged for late payment of school fee?

I want to make an assertion: the N5000 is not an increment, it is already written in the student handbook  that 5000  will be charged as late registration fee but is has not been into manifest all this while, but the means at which the school management acted upon it,  was wrong. 

What I will do by God’s if I emerge as the SUG president of Kogi State University is by making sure I follow the implementation of the fee for late registration on a pari- passu level which should be 3months after resumption before such fee can be added.

What can you say about the current security issue of the school which hinders students from reading beyond 8pm in school premises?

Security is a vital issue in any society or organization; I won’t propose a quick solution but what I intend to do is to draw the chief security coordinator and other important security personnel to a round table discussion about the security issues in order to proffer a lasting solution to it.

Thank you very much for your time God bless
Thank you

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Kogi State University Presidential aspirant (SUG) in action

In Kogi state university today, a student union government  aspirant for the post of the president, Comrade Abdulkareem Mohammad Idegu aka "AKisOkay" , extends his good work to Dangana boys hostel earlier this morning beside what did in Ocheja boys Hostel last week by fixing a particular toilet which has been leaking water for a while coupled with other plumbing related issues.

There is no doubt that team "AKisOkay" is really moving grounds ahead of his fellow student union government Aspirants vying for the post of SUG president.

He proceed today to dangana hostel early this morning being Saturday which is simultaneously a general cleaning day in dangana hostel, been the first Saturday of the month.

He provided in his own capacity the most pressing needs of the hostel which aided and facilitate the easy sanitation routine, he made available detergent and lots of brooms as demanded by the hostel occupants.

He also proceeded by participating in the sweeping and mopping of the hostel. All this was done in lieu with his belief "that a leader must act in the capacity of a servant before he can be called a leader".

He was accustomed with a retinue which consisted of fellow SUG aspirants, past SUG officials and supporters of his ambition and aspirantion.

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Thursday, May 2, 2019

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