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Sunday, February 24, 2019



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In exhibition of my feelings tonight
Let me as the lover boy be Ijapa tiroko
Let my charming Arabinrin mimics aunty Yanibo
And kerebuje will be the title of my poem

Ijapa the lover boy is not Kuku insane
But the beauty bestowed on aunty Yanibo can make someone go astray
If by luck she stares at you
The Jericho of your world will bow to the call without uttering hallelujah

Let me unwrap how my feelings was arrested without asking for arrest warrant
Let me tickles you how my Batsheba laid on her David's bed
Let me yawn you how my omo orogun was found under the blanket of her cooking pot

It was a faithful fanning night
A the balcony of lover's mansion
There was I when her shadow from afar clinch my polling booth
Inner armor rises above her appearance

Ogbeni Ijapa ready to crave for a prey
Charmingly, lines were rendered with album of songs
From chapter to chapter after the ludo game
Words collected aunty yanibo's thinking scarf
And lines swiftly sentenced her reasoning faculty.


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