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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Save Land


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When boredom comes
Tell him that I am on a journey
Journey to the land of erin arintakiti
Where sadness wanders barefooted

If you see loneliness at my doorstep
Please remind her that I won't be back again
That happiness has kidnapped me
And that I surrendered at the gunpoint of erin arinsubu

Less I wave off
I know of a friend
Solitude, his charisma defines him
Tell him at his peeps
That I have traveled to city of no name
Where pleasure staggers in idunnu

Let them know
That I won't be back again
That I penned a letter for them
Letter that will seek for a bowl of tears
Tell them not to weep
That I have fried a goodbye dirge for them.

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Save Land

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