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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Simbiatu Alakara


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Simbiatu Alakara

Simbiatu alakara is out again with her alluring spell
Frying out the secret of akara for the tempted pocket
Oyinmomo as the beauty of the akara dwells in its taste
For the aroma defines her as the best akara murderer

Her Buka at night is where thousand gathers for the divine taste
The pocket becomes the well spring of money
When her melodious voice is overriding the village
Because the sweetness of the akara is more tempting than boju boju oloro

The starving soul having danced into her pleasing cave
The saving box must bleed in its owner's tone
Forgoing the faithful one night taste
Is like a koboko on a fresh wound

Simbiatu Alakara.

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Simbiatu Alakara

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