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Wednesday, March 6, 2019



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The one with blazing shirt agùntásolo
You pass and all kids want to be like you okùnrin méèsán
Your handsomeness enslave our village princess
Every omidan want the English speaking fluent man as her man
Your dudúlity shines like mistress okín feather
Soon, you visit the city where they proclaim you teacher oko
Now returning with your exposure, you said God does not exist
And you plant this seed of yours into young lads
Alákòwé, A day is coming when you will realise
that khaki is heavier and stronger than leather
That day, when you will not find peace in your books
And you will run to Eléda for protection and safety.
© Peter Boluwatife Ojediran

The meaning of the yoruba words
Alakowe means an educated man
Agùntásolo means a tall man
Okunrin meesan means an able bodied man
Omidan means maiden
Dudu means black while the lity is a bound morpheme that depict creativity
Okín means peacock
Oko means village
Khaki is a type of heavy attire, soldiers cloth are example of khaki, it texture is thick
Eleda means creator.
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