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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Dear Rich


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Dear riches, 

Do you know that life is like a Burning candle 
And affirmably like a walking shadow 
That tomorrow speaks better than today
You might be a talk of the town today
And end up being a satirical discuss tomorrow

Dear riches,
Remember that to be wealthy doesn't mean to be healthy
Remember that..... That u will be buried
The same way have-not is being buried
And the same ground swallows the sinker
Perhaps! Six feet

Dear riches,
Today will be no more
Only your deeds will overwhelm people's ear
when you are gone
Your deeds will determine whether your grave is to be spat on or reconstructed

Dear riches,
For how long have you been dead?
For how long have you been lost to the world?
It's like we never existed
You've got some shit on your mind?
Then why......?
Why is it that our tears is what you are using
to soak life?

Dear riches,
Your hands is for feeding lives
Not for making them to feel hungry
You are to save lives
And not to take souls
We are pleading you to be a torch
Guiding our feet to cross the hurdle
And no to be a rod
Decorating our flesh with pools of blood

Dear riches,
Have this in mind
That the sun will soon set
Behind it a shadow will stretch
That time flies like an arrow
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet come and we have only today
You can have it all, just not all at once.

My pen speaks

©oluwadamilare Sunday Ademola
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Dear Rich

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