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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Madness of love


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Madness of love

Do not bother to call my name
If you still love me then pray for me
For i will dance with my leg lame 
If ever I grow a seed of love in me
Do not bother to cry for me
For you broke me before I grew strong
Reserve the best wishes for me
But never judge me right or wrong
You were the devil who carved my gun
With a bullet of bitter broken feelings
You are the woman who will break my son
And keep this cursed circles rolling
You said your love was as sweet as heaven
That every man who has it tucks it tight
If this is what you call your mighty heaven
I will rather have my rest in hell tonight
Share my bed with the devil if need be
Dine with Jezebels more whores and wine
For you are too righteous a devil to be
I will spare you no room if heaven's mine
I walk in an entangled road of strangers
Where love I never pray to ever find
And if ever I will meet another sweet lover
I will run like a mad prey to hide
Do not blame me but if you must
Then wash with a wormwood your tongue
If you spit not, give your tongue no trust
For so I was laid to burn by love's tong
I have tasted the lashes of loneliness
I have felt the fangs of a lover's deceit
To me love is nothing but much madness
Where youth burns precious time to fit
Who has ever satisfy the belly of love
Where still the hunger of heartbreak hunts
I will walk in the path where love is gone
A road where I will never get hurt
If love be home I will rather be homeless
Than have my heart mended in a moment
another moment been broken to madness
Where you die the death of no treatment
by king adams
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Madness of love

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