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Friday, March 15, 2019



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Moonlights fades,we are no more
Swirling wind blew ill feelings to me
And I couldn’t stop it’s tiding waves
I’m crashed in the feelings of loneliness
Tis’ day,the clear sky clouded with darkness
It’s a new dawn but I’m wrapped in shadows
In a twinkle of an eye,my sun rise burnt
The breeze of ill feelings,I embrace
The sunshine in my life stays afar
No more,I can’t reach the stars
She has become the shadow of my light
I wake up with tears of cries in my eyes
I climbed mountains and swam oceans
To keep our love safe and growing
I built my world around her,she’s my sun
I was the reason she had breathe
In the mirror,when I looked into my eyes
I see me in oceans of sorrows and pains
She’s the reason I’m loosing my state
My heart,pierced with her sweet lies
Every dawn promises,suddenly died
It’s a pity I saw the traces coming
But in her love I was embraced
My world ends, I’m heart broken
Webs of my fingers feels empty without holding hers
My heart feels empty without her
I feel incomplete ,she’s half part of me
I can’t keep her off my mind
Tis ‘ feelings in me are different
Flashes of our best moments
Recordings of her voice when she assured love
I’m weak ,loosing my consciousness
My heart,the victim of her lies
Not so soon will I heal this wound
She played my feelings in pretense
Oh ! She’s just a passing flame
Lots of passion mixes when she smiles
My love never lasted as she tasted
I feel like a trash disposed after use
My sacrifices never worth a copper
Our ever-blazing and blissful moments was not cherished
Yeah ! She made hell my new world
I never envisaged we could end soon
It’s my dream to grow old with her
I wish I could turn back the hands of the clock
I’m trying to hold on but I wish I could
She couldn’t keep on the light
I just wished she could fix things right
All Rights Reserved
©Chukwunulu Chinedu , 03.11.2019
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