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Friday, March 15, 2019



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Her soul raises new generation
She’s the future,the universe holds
The world wouldn’t be complete without her
It wouldn’t grow if she never existed
The woman,a myth of creation
She’s angel in measure but a mystery
As the rose petals ,she’s delicate
The candle of beauty glowing only in the dark
Her true beauty reflects her soul
Her beauty with passing years,only grows
She’s beautiful, loves pure and right
She’s a puzzle concealed
Yeah ! She has a brave soul
But she wears the veil of weakness
Like a leaf,she’s weak and like the granite,she’s strong
She fights her weakness,her strength makes up
Her strong wills,defining her attitude
She hates and loves,very contradicting folk
Her love,so fierce and unconditional
She’s a twist,can’t be predicted
She’s ignited pain by the words
And still wears the smiling mask,she’s given
She’s hailed in her smiling face
Not knowing her state, behind the smiles
She’s screamed with her silence,not the loud voice
Like the warriors,she confronts her tussles
She completes her strive with no one
It’s her wish to have all the wins to herself
She grows like a seed to her majority
At her majority,she makes a home
Building a new world with a man
She’s the sun to the loved man
An inspiration , every man seeks
This is her and she’s proud of herself
She forgives her hurts and heals her wounds
Her dreams and desires are wild
Now,she’s a mother to her children
She’s blessed with so much energy
The children are crying,her care is unending
At her expense,she wouldn’t keep them hungry
Very naive but virtuous wife to her man
She’s beautiful from young to her old
Oh ! She only have one fault
She forgets what she worths,she’s unique
All Right Reserved
©Chukwunulu Chinedu ,03.05.2019
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