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Thursday, March 14, 2019



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Mysterious ,the life of an African man
Clapping his drum,voices echoing
Melodic music ,keeping the hearts smiling 
Echoing rhythm of passionate feelings
Myth,the black man’s way of talking to his god
Reaching to the god with his drumming
Appealing for peace in his surroundings
With his drum beats,he appeases the god
The black man draws happiness from the drum beats
The cry of the drum springs smiles
The drum vibrates,sounding loud
And very pleasing to the listening ears
With dexterity and fiercely,he hits the drum
From afar,the cry of the drum louds
He has no respect for the drum
His performance got everyone,mind blowing
He’s focused,beats thunderously
Blooming the minds and souls
Dancers mimicking steps to soothe the beat
With the twerking of the maiden’s waists
Sounds of his drum beating, draws every soul near
He steals the hearts of everyone through his drumming
He wouldn’t miss its rhythmic pattern for a time
His drum talks the lyrics in his mind
Slowly drum beat, touches the soul in amaze
The drum beat sets moody and tear drops from the eye
And it’s melody sends souls of the dead to heaven
Oh ! He possess a sense of grandeur in drumming
All Rights Reserved
©Chukwunulu Chinedu , 03.12.2019
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