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Friday, April 12, 2019



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As i dropped out of my Mother's womb
I believed I landed on a better state
And behold I saw black creatures, boom!
It's Africa, oh Africa!. That's my fate
As I toddled and sucked a pure black breast
Mama said "Here's best, we are most blessed"
She said "we came from heart of darkness"
She said "But here is the bosom of goodness"
As I walked, I came across contemporary
We were happy with what we see and feel
We believed we are best and extraordinary
We believed we've got everything by the heel
As i ran, I raced to exposure and enlightenment
To what I have never seen and got mesmerized
Easy life amongst the whites and his equipment
I felt deceived and wished to be De-Africanized
But as I age, I'm realizing beautiful creatures
The favourable conditions, made for Africa alone
Unlike with whites, the atmosphere and natures
The peculiar air, rain, sun. Oh! home sweet home.
Chikamso Okoye
I need criticism🙏
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