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Friday, April 12, 2019

My Childhood


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I walk down the memories
that reminds me of that day
where my mother sings a lullaby
with her eloquence melodies.

In her tranquil loof
I see a crawling skies
roaring clouds
are rejoicer of dancing Angels.

Drowning beneath in ocean of her love
painted my anguish into blissful hue
holding my hand and combing matted hair
she made me uniquely abled.

You can shine and climb
at utmost altitude of success
unless you penned and ink your conscience
with weighty weapon of life, what she said.

Holding my hand,head and heart
she dropped me at wisdom house
where I met a Holy See of enlightenment
and thirsting disciple of fountain knowledge.

Under the roof of Holy See
I pulchrify my thoughts
under guidance of thirsting disciple
I learnt the core values of kinship.

Seven steep stones
hide and seek
hue and cry
still awake my mind.

yelling melodies of mom's
annoying enchants of guru's
a nark voice of my mates
I wish to hear often again.

Oh! God how I wish to twirl
a clock of that days!

copyright: Sajan Suberi
pic: Google
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My Childhood

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