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Saturday, April 27, 2019

One Day


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I ignored others for you
And you ignored me for others
Like the sky for thee I painted my heart blue
But in thy sanity its serenity you wickedly smothered.

"Am I that worthless of a being?"
The broken pieces of my heart asked
Or are your eyes not seeing
The true intent beneath their mask.

You stung me with the venom of rejection
And the pain sat deep beneath my bone
My whole got swollen by shame injection
Could I value less than a piece of stone.

I placed you at the topmost layer of my heart
Accorded you the throne of royalty
But you betrayed my trueness to the very last part
Yet my heart is too weak to call it cruelty.

One day, a masquerade shall grasp the value of its veil
When nakedness hurt him to his very bone.
As the flexibilty of my affections make me frail
Hence, I retreat to that lonely shell of my own.

Alli Anu Oluwadamilare

©All rights reserved
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One Day

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