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Tuesday, March 12, 2019


'Adiaha Adiaha'

the breeding tree of the efik tribe,
Her root runs through the ibibio's land leaving footprints of Ekombi, she taught the children their first Dance steps.
I heard her soul is older than itu river, where the Obong of Calabar had his first bath.
I heard the igbos calls her 'Ada'
A true born African.
Her hips seals lips
for a thousand words are wrapped around her waist and
her chest carries a mountain
A canaan of its own,
Flowing with milk and honey
even Israel cannot compete.
for, her mind has won more battles than Joshua ever did with a sword.
Her dark skin told the African tales, She was the voice that directed the moonlight at
The young ones looked up to her while their
mother reminisce.
She fed lord lugard and Nnamdi Azikiwe even before they knew how to spell their names..
She was there when Ojukwu declared war on her sons and her daughters were made barren..
She's the mother of poets and the inventor of poetry;
Stories were like poems in her mouth even before Hollywood could master the art...
Her tongue had painted more pictures in the heart of her children
so Her HISTORY they never forget
(c) Art Titude
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