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Sunday, May 5, 2019

An interview with Idris Mohammed Sanusi Aspirant For Director of Social 1 in the forth coming SUG election.

Can we meet you?

My name is Idris Mohammed Sanusi popularly known as Moa-sans

what post are you aspiring for in the upcoming SUG election?

Thank you, for the forth- coming election of the Student Union Government of KSU, I am aspiring for the post of Director Of Social (DOS 1), presently I am currently the  SUG director of social 2 (DOS2) in the union present administration.

From your previous statement, you are the current DOS2 of the SUG and I was opportuned to attend so many meetings and I noticed that the office of DOS2 was not effective as it ought to be, what do you think are the reasons for this?  


When I say to put things as it ought to be just as we tried to do then, my DOS1 and I planned and organised so many events, but unfortunately the one I really suggested was not picked, so the programs that we planned and carry- out was the ones DOS1 handpicked by himself and which he can testify that I cooperated with him to make it happen.

 As I usually say, I am coming to
harmonize all the students under our great citadel of learning not just for social activities but also for the collective unionism of the entire students and it is a belief that once you are organized things move into place so I am coming as DOS1 to harmonise and unite the students of this university so we can effectively work together.

Thank you. As it is now, being a director of social maybe 1 or 2, you will still be part of the union in general, so how do you intend to work with other SUG officials in the forth- coming house of the union in order to make this institution lively in its social aspect and any other capcity which you are been requested to perform in if the need arise?

What the students in general are praying for is for the emergence of a very good leader that will listen to the heart cry of the students at any point in time and also be focused at the task at hand as a leader.

 With such leader, it can be said that issues will hardly arise between fellow executives and the entire student demography. So we are pleading with the students that before electing us, they should conduct their research and findings towards such individual they wish to elect and also try to look at the capacities which this aspirants have performed in so as to ensure a smooth running of the Student Union Government in this our institution, thank you and God bless you.

Thank you very much sir.
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