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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Why delaying our results?

Why art thou defer it?
Why art thou so rude?
Why art thou b'come Goliath?
Why art thou doing this?

When hath thou metamorphosed?
When I in pain discombobulate
Hath thou authority over us?
In anticipation repose we dilate

willst thou make dinner with our results?
In the river of hope are people dying
loquacious ones are in trepidation
Must we die b'fore granting our request?
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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Kogi State University Starts War Against Indecent Dressing

Kogi state university has set a university task force to wage war against improper and indecent dressing ,  this committee has been a committee set up a long time by the school management but has not be effective. they made it known that this has been made known to all students through the students manual, from the first day you gain admission into this university the student handbook issues to you kick against indecent dressing.

This committee commence work early this morning from the faculty of social sciences where they single handedly handpicked  most students who  dressed indecently from different view such as crazy jeans, tinted hair, transparent clothes, long rope ladies sanders  and off shoulder clothes.

This committee  inform  the students  that they have come to stay in order to wage war against indecent dressings all students who are in one way or the other involve in this act   stop it or else they will be embarrassed and publicly disgraced and henceforth all proper dress code will  be followed  and inspected thoroughly.

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Monday, April 29, 2019

Comr Rotr Ocheni Christain Alapa Newly Inuguarated Igala Students Association National President


Your Royal Majesty, let me first congratulate you on your very challenging VICTORY and CORONATION as the National President, IGALA STUDENTS ASSOCIATION (ISA), one of the most complex Association in Kogi state.

For the first time, the Association is going to have a technocrat and an astute students player seating over the affairs of the Union, something that should elicit the best of happiness for the people.

As a resident and stakeholder of the Association, I have watched your body language throughout the campaigns, I searched to understand your antecedents, I asked questions and the answers I got swayed my support for you. It didn't end there, I engaged so many people spreading the hope the association will enjoy having you at the helms of affairs in the kingdom.

You have been installed officially and history has been recorded.
I could recalled vividly, In one of your interviews, you said your focus will include peace, opportunities, youth and women empowerment, students development, and educational upliftment. 

Very lofty dream indeed. It will attract even the worst of pessimist, if all these come to pass. Every other of your efforts as you take over the mantle of leadership will majorly be predicated on the enormous gift of nature to Igala Sundry.

I wish you the best of efforts, it won't be a walk in the mill, the complexity of the association will test your capacity and stretch your administrative acumen.

Long Live ISA National.
God Bless.
I'm Comr. Lt. Samuel UgbedeOjo Sunsam
SSA on Media and Publicity.
ISA National Body.
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