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Thursday, May 2, 2019


The world's gone mad but my mind is made up.
Time to let ya'll into the darkroom of my mind,
A place where I'm the referee of a poetic world cup.
This is where I am creative even though I'm blind

No more radio or TV saturated with all the sad news,
I have got enough breaking news of my very own...
Breaking to me each and every moment as it brews.

Come and meet the hard drive of my creative mind,
That contains my beautiful and liberated mind.
Welcome to my one bright side I call my darkroom,
It's a place that's so special, I treasure it's one of a kind.
You have to know that I always act blind but I see.
In my mind, I can walk,swim,drown and fly
My mind is where I remain totally black and free.

Come see me set my poetic audience and see them cheer for me
The code that will outshine any power on this earth.
My mind is where I live and where nobody has access,
Here I can run a poetic marathon without taking a breath.

Call it my playground and intellectual fortress.
My mind is deep, a place of absolute calm and refuge,
Somewhere I will always see as the final frontier.
It is dangerous and toxic like a nuclear centrifuge.
In there, I am all alert and vigilant like a soldier.

My mind is a darkroom where I give birth to new ideas.
It is a vessel and place in which I do magic with letters.
It is my holy land of thoughts, my own creative Judea,
Where each idea is sacred and light as bird feathers.

Welcome to the center of my creative mind.
This is where I turn letters into spoken words
A front line of creativity where no one leaves behind.
Come and see where all words become useful swords.

My mind produces powerful words like some light beams...
Courageous and powerful words for extra motivation.
Spoken Words that will light up people's faded dreams.
Now you know that up in my mind are no limitation,
There exists an enormous capacity of time and space.

Welcome one, welcome all to the darkroom of my mind
Take a seat and be calm, be quiet this is my place
For this here is my personal creative post of command.

©2019 Chipo malambo tha poet
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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Hail to the Power of Silence

The snow capped mountains are gigantic
They harmoniously superimpose the valleys romantic
And their beauty stands so grand
Yet in complete silence they stand

The sun is a massive ball of fire
Nothing can withstand its pyre
Yet the Milky Way it lights up in silence
Is it not nature’s wonder timeless!
The moon is devoid of its own light
Yet the night it lights up with sun’s light
How wondrously beautiful it looks
When to the night sky it quietly hooks!
Two lovers gaze tirelessly at each other
Time stands still without a word to one another
Yet each has spoken tons to the other dear
And each has heard the silence loud and clear
Silence is sweet music to the ears
Silence is a soothing balm to the heart
Silence is the mother of peace to the soul
Hail to the the power of silence!
Copyright ©Dr. Rinzin Rinzin, April 2019
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Monday, April 29, 2019

If Love Was In Human Form

If love was in human form
I would have slaughtered his throat,
And treated him like a goat
For all its joys to deform.
If love was a living soul
I will dunk it in hot oils;
For it let my cold blood boils
And darkened my heart like coal.
If I and love looks alike
I would have turned it to blind;
For he's so weird and unkind
And I saw it as a swike .
I hate hearing the love's name
For I saw it as the beast;
That brought sadness to my midst
And let me be friend with shame.
I saw true love as magic
That made me felt indisposed;
Due to the stress it imposed
On me, like a fanatic.
Abduljabbar bn Mukhtar
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My Next

Let Cry,
Crying for our NEXT.
Here is not ours,
Neither yours,
But yours.
Let us endure today's difficult,
As our day.
Let us bear the suffering of the tonight,
As our night.
Please! Let;
Let us sleep in crouching like a dog,
Let us eat rotten like an animal,
Let's wear rag like a mad.
Let see today as their,
And wait for NEXT.
Here is not ours,
Neither yours,
But yours.
You promised us to plant the tree;
Full of ripen fruit,
But turn to sweeten sour.
Where is your white horse?
That we fly us
About the sky,
Bright our sight,
And heal our scar.
Oh! My NEXT,
Oh! I cry,
Crying for you,
You have killed the SOULS,
Souls that save the souls,
Who will save my NEXT?
©Ajeyemi Abdulwasiu
23th April,
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Mother and a child

Suck my nipple and let love grow,
With every drop of milk you swallow,
Cuddle amid my breast and warm tummy,
And sleep peacefully on my chest balmy,
Tickle my armpits with your soften hands,
And fondle my hair now and then,
May you drink love amid of milk?
And rest appeased on the sari of silk,
May love grow with every kiss?
That you and I should not miss,
In any moment of life,
Be it in the happiness or the grief.

©® Bagawath Bhandari


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Saturday, April 27, 2019

One Day

I ignored others for you
And you ignored me for others
Like the sky for thee I painted my heart blue
But in thy sanity its serenity you wickedly smothered.

"Am I that worthless of a being?"
The broken pieces of my heart asked
Or are your eyes not seeing
The true intent beneath their mask.

You stung me with the venom of rejection
And the pain sat deep beneath my bone
My whole got swollen by shame injection
Could I value less than a piece of stone.

I placed you at the topmost layer of my heart
Accorded you the throne of royalty
But you betrayed my trueness to the very last part
Yet my heart is too weak to call it cruelty.

One day, a masquerade shall grasp the value of its veil
When nakedness hurt him to his very bone.
As the flexibilty of my affections make me frail
Hence, I retreat to that lonely shell of my own.

Alli Anu Oluwadamilare

©All rights reserved
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Education and Action

Knowledge remains mere awareness
Until is put into motion of usefulness
Education devoid tangible action,
Is a mere dreamland civilization.

Except strength put into use,
It will be arrested by disuse
Passionate struggle and quest
For excellence bring the best

He that will radiate like shining light,
Must be called-consumed downright
And to  failure and hurdles frown,
Unrelenting effort to wear crown,

When best comes in manifold,
Its is prize-greater than fine gold
Real man should continue to struggle
It is a pathway in wining his battle.

 (c) Moon Oyewole,
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Friday, April 12, 2019

My Childhood

I walk down the memories
that reminds me of that day
where my mother sings a lullaby
with her eloquence melodies.

In her tranquil loof
I see a crawling skies
roaring clouds
are rejoicer of dancing Angels.

Drowning beneath in ocean of her love
painted my anguish into blissful hue
holding my hand and combing matted hair
she made me uniquely abled.

You can shine and climb
at utmost altitude of success
unless you penned and ink your conscience
with weighty weapon of life, what she said.

Holding my hand,head and heart
she dropped me at wisdom house
where I met a Holy See of enlightenment
and thirsting disciple of fountain knowledge.

Under the roof of Holy See
I pulchrify my thoughts
under guidance of thirsting disciple
I learnt the core values of kinship.

Seven steep stones
hide and seek
hue and cry
still awake my mind.

yelling melodies of mom's
annoying enchants of guru's
a nark voice of my mates
I wish to hear often again.

Oh! God how I wish to twirl
a clock of that days!

copyright: Sajan Suberi
pic: Google
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As i dropped out of my Mother's womb
I believed I landed on a better state
And behold I saw black creatures, boom!
It's Africa, oh Africa!. That's my fate
As I toddled and sucked a pure black breast
Mama said "Here's best, we are most blessed"
She said "we came from heart of darkness"
She said "But here is the bosom of goodness"
As I walked, I came across contemporary
We were happy with what we see and feel
We believed we are best and extraordinary
We believed we've got everything by the heel
As i ran, I raced to exposure and enlightenment
To what I have never seen and got mesmerized
Easy life amongst the whites and his equipment
I felt deceived and wished to be De-Africanized
But as I age, I'm realizing beautiful creatures
The favourable conditions, made for Africa alone
Unlike with whites, the atmosphere and natures
The peculiar air, rain, sun. Oh! home sweet home.
Chikamso Okoye
I need criticism๐Ÿ™
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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Struggle Continues

The Struggle Continues

I was not there but I heard
the cries of our weak ancestors
a woeful torture they endured
agonising lashes from the white cane
they spat smelling saliva on our faces
and secluded and deranged we seemed
I was not there but I heard
we were traded for buckets and gloves
with ropes and chords around our neck
our curvy body exploited whenever they may
our future oblique as it seem
our hopes dark as our skin
I was not there but I heard
I was not there but I feel
I was not there but I am sober
I was not there but I mourn
all glimmers of hope in our horizon
with a large percentage vanquished
vanished from the earth but not our hearts
I sit and recalled a memory I never had
I was not there but I heard
with those shackles on our neck and feet
we crawled..stretched..groaned
the elite percentage removed a rock from the pile
and we seemed to be free
Now I am here and I still hear
though it lurks in the dark
they still consider our us black
there is no FELLOW with the coloured
though identical we very much seem
Sweats and bruise of a Mandela
blood and voice of King
riots of the women from here
and even the rulership of them
they still relent
but we are still here
We are here for all of us
We are here for us later then
Our ancestry had fought
We will still fight
Let us all be united for this flight..
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The cage named religion

The cage named religion

Here i shall write about my frustrations
About the sinister things that cage me
The saddend effect of loving too hard 
The hurtful pains of plain rejection
Shall i tell you a truth; There's no true freedom
Even the birds in the sky; must land for food
And the highest of men; will answer to death
Death answers to the Creator; and the creator to man
To be free from the cages of life
Where money and status matters not
The color of your skin means not a thing
The freedom to love who ever you want
Parents would be proud of their children
Here the sun always shine brighter
And merriment never ended by the night
Death cannot take a loved soul from you
Tears wouldn't be wept and pain not felt
Danger would be a past tense only
Sickness and sadness banished forever
Here is Paradise for all eternity
And all the caged bird shall again sing
To forever fly in the blue sky
Wanting nothing from the earth to defy gravity
Love isn't blind and the happiness plenty
But we wait in our cages and wait for a messiah
That may never come from the skies in light
We give tithes to our jailers, grateful for the cage
Blind and ignorant to our lives, to sacrifice our future
I shall braeak free from my own morality
Never to pretend or falsify emotions
And i shall denouce my own beliefs
So i can be free away from a cage named religion
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The wet milky way in your galaxy

No photo description available.

The wet milky way in your galaxy

Your lips taste of the sweetest of berries
The hardness of your nipple are self defining
Tell me how badly you want my love definitely
The taste of your sex like the saltiest sea
The screams and shrills of pleasure I bring
The humping on my groin the rocking effort
I can feel the pressure building up inside you
Take a touch of my hardness that stirs for you
The windows are shut, the cottons all down
The sound of music blast through the room
Even the birds can't fly as high as I'll make you to
Even the wind won't give you goosebumps as I do
Our clothes are on the floor, a sacrifice to lust
Your wetness splashes all through the satin sheets
Only my tongue shall kiss your inner thighs
Your hands on my hair guiding you to utopia
You pull me closer and I know you're ready
Take us to another planet different from earth
To a paradise far away from beneath here
Where its just you and I and the stars above
I slide into the wet milky way in your galaxy
Where the back and forth motion goes slowly
I fasten my pace and you do the same
The aroma of sex densly fills my lungs
Your legs are tied around mine in symphony
Your breaths are laboured I can't keep up
I feel lost in you, I cant find the light
The sweetness of you makes me forget sorrow
The cream from your milky way a lubrication
To hell to my conscience for screaming fornication
For I have waited far too long for your love
In your wet milky way there's only lust
Then you call out my name in sheer pleasure
The squeezing and teasing of my hardness
The pressure building up to bliss climax
The aroma of sweat piling off your body
Prove to me that lust is beautiful
Show me how your desires are greedy
Make us to be one as God intended
Let me be the pinnacle of sexual pleasures

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In this moonlight,exist only two stars
Like a status,you gazed on me with smiles
The feelings spun your mind and soul
Igniting burning desire through your heart
You broke down my bridges,I’m confused
My wall against love,you fell down
Like the light rays ,your love penetrated my shield
A puzzle in my soul ,I’m waiting for the answers
Like the hook liner,your love hooked my heart
My soul freezes no more,my heart melts for you
Like the ocean’s flow,your love flows in me
I paddle my heart in your ocean of love
Out of my hard heart,you drained out love
And you fed my soul with your love so pure
Your love ,sending signals to my spine
Like magic,visions of you stays in my memory
I can’t forget how you kissed my lips in the summer
Like a book ,you have become in my life
It gladdens my heart to turn every page of you
Blooming blissful smiles that radiates
I smile when I’m sleeping,you are in my mind
I close my eyes ,I can’t keep away your memories
You shine brighter than the sun
Loving you was never a moon-shine to my soul
At dawn ,we both feel like the stars
Shining every hours and seasons
Flourishing more than the rose petals
Nay ! Our love not dimmed in the shadows
I’m not alone in my mind,I picture you and me
We are taking a ride so beautiful in love
The path,very green and smooth
Yeah ! We took blissful risk just loving each other
You provided me with a motherlode of love for my heart
I’m moon-struck by this right feelings
You are the reason I’m loosing my mind
I’m scared to be lonely,my lips wouldn’t say goodbye
All Rights Reserved
©Chukwunulu Chinedu,03.25.2019

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Let the rivers of joy
overshadow me
Because i am a boy
Let happiness rain on me
For when the scourge of war
Swept our feet -
My lord had lifted
The lantern of peace
As I bled my ink
Open the jar of wisdom
That I may drink
Of rums from heavenly kingdoms!
Wield me unto thee
That I may be free from nature customs
Put thy heart in me
It is mortality cure excellently pure
For nothing changeth thee!
Show me unto love
That I may construct her in my mind
Take me far from lust
Its just I find
Rain on me lord
Your merciful kind...
Written by,
Balogun Iyanu

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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Friday, March 15, 2019



It’s our perfect day,our souls smiles
And we feel our hearts collapse
The stars are obsessed about us
I see me in your eyes and it’s beautiful
When I saw you,my eyes knew you are gorgeous
I can’t forget my heart whispered,” that’s the one “
Yeah ! And my heart kept you
You are my paradise,made heavens near on earth
My heart pumps love through passionate veins
I can’t think straight no more
Without pause and doubt in a heartbeat
Forever, I will always chose you
Your eyes glows pools of love
My smiles tells the feelings in my heart
You are my priority,never a second choice
The heart in you is the heart in me
My heart is loving you in every seconds
Deep down my heart,this feelings bubbles
Through my eyes and smiles
Your heart can believe, I’m pure and real
My eyes gets jealous of my heart
Far away you could stay from my eyes
But always near to my heart
Deep in my soul,many times,I fell in love with you
I was nothing but you made me beautiful
No more,I think about another but more of you
Even at this moment ,I still stare at you
All of my today is you,tomorrow still remains you
You feel my love in your soul and in my eyes
The connection so deep,you argue not
My heart,your home,you paid no rent
I was incomplete,your love filled it
Through the wave counts,you will know
How much I love and care for you
My love is forever and never ending
In an ocean of people,my eyes still search for you
The first time we kissed ,I knew we were born for us
You are the angel behind my beauty
Always , I stare at you and I smile
Forever, my heart holds your love
All Rights Reserved
©Chukwunulu Chinedu , 03.07.2019
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I wake up with smiles and sings in exaltation
New day ,In God’s dominion I embrace
My thought fills with optimism
Dwelling in his vineyard enhances confidence
God,the sun that casts no shadows
In the morning or noon,he’s the sunlight
Holding the light that shines the darkness
Oh ! There’s comfort in his haven
In my thought,reflection of my mind
Beautiful vision shines and on the rise
With every opportunity I will praise
Every dawn promise new hopes
My eyes closed,I envisioned him in my mind
Deep down my soul,I exalt the lord
Echoing in praises through my lips
And I feel his presence around me
In life ,when the light goes out
The moments are dark and dreary
All lights looses their clout
I will still exalt my heart cheer
When darkness beclouds light
I ain’t seeking for another sun
To guide me in the dark moments
I only look upon the light of God that pities
Trusting only his light when I look below the cloud
Praises ,only which I could offer
Hands lifted in total submission
This song gladdens and appeals him
All Rights Reserved
©Chukwunulu Chinedu ,03.13.2019
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When I hold my camera to the light
We see us right through it’s front
We pose with a smile on our faces
Like a dancing heart beat ,our hearts beats
Self picture taking gladdens our hearts
Blooming smiles to our jagged skin
Expressing our inner feelings
Moments we posed,we are just a statue
We see a replica of ourselves watching us
Our beauty shines and glimmer
Sparkling as bright as sunshine
Giving joy for half the moment
In the camera when we look into our eyes
Self picture pose gets the perfect us
Never possess quality of faded grandeur
Thoughts of best picture rings in us
In our eyes ,We see reflection of our beauties
Beautiful us shines and our souls,happy
Even in shadows as darkness becomes
The flash shines like the bright light
Pictures,memories for keeps for the future
In our old ages,it would remind us
Years past ,our young and growing age
Yeah ! We shall feel the essence of love in us
All Rights Reserved
©Chukwunulu Chinedu ,03.13.2019
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ABIKU (stillbirth)

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Thursday, March 14, 2019



With tears I write
It all started with blissful heart,
When I replied "I love you more"
With great affection, you smiled;
And vowed not to break my beautiful
While we walks like posh and dolce,
With your liveliness, my love agile
The more,
How would it be, if this be my
I thought of always.
You changed from your glee act,
I discussed this with you,
But you reacted bellicosely.
You derilicted all my efforts to bring
You back.
You said in denouement "you're done"
I inculpate myself for loving
You filibustered with my heart,
No one to look up to.
I love you, but you said it is
No one can see me, no one can hear
My solu hear you aloud, and yet
Does not care.
You touched my heart with a thousand pleasures,
And broke it into million pieces.
I don't know how to forgone your love
In my heart,
Who will remit your love in my
Just don't know...
With AGONY HEART, I inculpate
Myself for loving you
© Floriana
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