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Friday, May 10, 2019

Corrupted curse

Hiding how often i collapse
If you only knew you would gasp
Fron how many times i relapse
The poison has me in it's clasp
Each time it gets harder to grasp
Might getjt right this time perhaps
Gotta go hit up rehab fast
My future seems already vast
Cause you see i'm stuck in my past
Thought for sure my curse i did cast

Opening the wrong can of worms
And it's got ne startin to squirm
Creatin a thunderous storm
I missed the sign tyin to warn
No halo protruding are horns
Got a soul it's tattered and worn
With a heart so battered and torn
Ferlin the pricks of my life's thorns
It's myself i have to adorn
Some how i need to be reborn

No i'm not exaggerating
Evil i am radiating
My voices keep on narrating
Each mistake they keep rating
Diaster i keep creating
And no one is celebrating
When i am always just hating
And can't seem to be relating
I catch myself with debating
If this is all worth waiting. 
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Thursday, May 2, 2019


What a lovely profession?
In every nation,
They are the architects of human beings,
Teachers mend those innocent children,
They create all other professions,
As teachers build their foundation,
Foundation of their lives,
And brighten their the darkest hives,
Teachers help those needy students,
And make them prudent,
Teachers are the jewels of all the countries,
Helping the students for many centuries.

They are the light that never goes off,
Akin to the cloud in the puff,
Teachers are the north starts,
Guiding all the students at par,
Heart of every teacher never grows old,
As they are created with sparkling gold,
This lovely profession ought to be loved for eons of time,
As all the teachers tolerate under heavy deluge and scorching shine,
May every teacher live immortally?
And may their love for their students flow in ceaselessly,
As I join my nation in celebrating Teachers’ Day,
I want every teacher to have fun in bay,
Bay of their lives and love for all the moments,
To swing in life with the fullest momentum,
Thank you all the teachers for helping me out,
And making me a TEACHER who is proud,
Proud of my lovely profession,
Which I love doing with all my passion,
Thank you all for brightening my life,
And helping me to shine very bright,
Love you all my teachers,
To whom I have a respect as creators,
May God bless you all with happiness and equanimity?
And may you all enjoy your lives in amity.

©® Bagawath Bhandari
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From which sidelines should I wait for you?
Cause nowadays all you seem to do is simply forget us
Were we too wrong to make all those promises?
Was I so naive to buy all that into practice?

One endless arguments
Brought our own sparkling light dim
Maybe I saw this coming , or maybe I was too blind with faith
This love of ours has gone gugugaga and now all it's left with,  is just but a bunch of regrets and sorrows

You keep promising a good life, better networks, why are you doing this Airtel?
All I did was love , yet all you've done is make this love difficult
I'm tired of this fake Romeo and Juliet encounter
I'm tired of your betrayal behind your true lies...

What do you want me to do?
Should I cut off my eyes for you to get it that I was so much devoted into making our relationship a success?
Maybe break this leg a little to show how settled I was gonna be into you?
Why are you hurting me Airtel?
You keep making my love for you difficult every time I wanna make love to you

I once thought a broken heart  is not a broken love but you , are a clear proof of the opposite
I'm sorry,  but this pain is  too much to handle...

✍🏽 Gastavas Hearts 🖤

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I don't understand the letters you wrote to the Jews
If the words were much neither few
And the kind of words you chose to use
Without putting yourself in others shoes.

Make me understand why you think you're the holiest of all
That within you,
Perfection is sure
Without blunts and stunts
That you can run a thousand miles
Without a single fall.

Make me understand why you think
You're the best of all
That you're perfect without flaws
Seeing yourself superior
Over thousands beneath that falls

Make me understand the kind of prayers you pray
But still yoked with unbelievers
Whom for long has wandered astray

Make me understand the kind of Christian you are
Roaming from shrines to the Alfas
Crying and pleading for kids
When for long God has made you
The mother of Kings and priests

Make me understand the gospel you preach as a pastor
Teaching us there's blessings in giving
But from you, others ain't receiving

Make me understand why you mounted securities by your gate
But telling us to pray
For the Angels to watch and guard our gate

Make me understand why you don't give arms when the Poor and the needy stands by your gate to knock
For you to come outside to instruct beware of dogs

Make me understand why you called yourself a bishop
Building for yourself big shops and mansions
Forgetting the congregations
Who monthly pays their tithe
But still, their lives remain dried and tight.

Make me understand why you called yourself Imam
Preaching and teaching Quran
Yet behind the scenes,
Your heart is bloody filled
With the blood of man

Make me understand the kind of riches and wealth you owns
When helpless kids are crying daily at the orphanage homes
When beggars are daily roaming the streets
You drove pass, then to reckon
how beautiful and tasteful life is sweet

Make me understand
Cause, i still don't understand even as I weep when my tears dripped down to my feet
Why men are so wicked bad and stricts
Forgetting from the dust we came
And we shall return back to it.

Make me understand the letters you wrote
Make me understand so I can tell you and requote
To make you understand at last
That a day will come
When we'll eventually breathe our last

I'll make you understand
We're nothing but just a dust.
Make me understand,
And for me to make you to understand
We are nothing but just a dust.

COPYRIGHT 24-04-19
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Why delaying our results?

Why art thou defer it?
Why art thou so rude?
Why art thou b'come Goliath?
Why art thou doing this?

When hath thou metamorphosed?
When I in pain discombobulate
Hath thou authority over us?
In anticipation repose we dilate

willst thou make dinner with our results?
In the river of hope are people dying
loquacious ones are in trepidation
Must we die b'fore granting our request?
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Monday, April 29, 2019


Have you seen the sun go poarching in the night's orchard ?
From narrow-west pathways where the fading heaven calls farmers abroad
Have you seen the clouds numbers eastward in the July moonlight?
When jungle drums are silent for the two to tango
Let the moon sink faraway behest the savannah anthills
Let the sun go notching the Limbo of our fortified times
I am the children of dropping pants on the banks of distant rivers
Beyond the bars of barren lands ..
Beyond the bonds that binded boys..
I'm the song of the terrestrial fortnights, I'm the drum that entune the jungle.
I'm Afrika.
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Wednesday, March 27, 2019



Poet: Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi.
It was May, after the guitar had
Celebrated a kindness couple,
Without making hay.
Hand are gifted with rings,
And sporting beneath the earth:
Into brown yam tubers.
For a groom to cook the food;
As cloud cook hot to earth.
It's moving from May to June;
My groom woke me up.
The ocean has dried,
The corn has dried,
What would I be putting
In mouth again?
Look for what love will eat.
I Journeyed North through South;
Perhaps the Eastern wind blew
Me to West.
Where I left my bride uneaten.
It's what makes me feel higher;
like a gaze lingers.
When I sat down alone;
On a bench spits out In disgust.
Thinking about the past of May;
When my groom became Songster
And I became her lineage.
The sky symbolized my slimline
Like a lemon limerick;
appeared a disdainful look
In a mirror.
No cheap sex In the shadows,
Nor peaceful street corner sleep.
No way to back on this adventure,
I've been suffering for what my groom
Will eat, like anthills drunk with violence.
No! I won't give up.
I'll rather struggle till grave;
For what love will eat.
When we shall live till eternal life,
When we shall eat with sweetness mouth.

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Like the workers in the mines, he searches for the precious answers.
In the gardens of expectation, he anticipates a miracle.
A life of no affluence altered his eloquence.
Penury was real,luxury was surreal.
Lamentations couldn’t bring his desires to realization.
Full of energy, like a stag in the woods.
They say, a hard worker never lacks.
Miracles never find the indolent.
Where is the miracle?
Billions of cells made him.
It takes one gangster to start the cancer.
Like a tiger in the savannah, he walks awesomely in the mode of a superstar.
That is the miracle.
The pool of life is full of sickles.
For four decades, she endured the prickles.
The eyes of the beautiful fellow were unique because of the yellow.
Life was unfair, hope was the pillow.
The pressure rises, so does the crisis.
It was excruciating, it was sequestrating.
They say, the sower in tears will reap with joy.
The farmer with the sickle should harvest miracles.
Where is the miracle?
Every night, she dies like a door nail.
Every morning, she is resurrected like a door bell.
That is the miracle.
On the ferry of curiosity, he perused the pages of life.
Life is full of questions, answers not in the options.
He was drenched by the rains of uncertainty.
The medications were unlabelled, the nurses are unsure.
If there was a maker, there wouldn’t be a breaker.
If there was a maker, there will be a clincher.
They say, the seeker always finds.
The inquirer embraces wonders.
Where is the miracle?
Once upon a time, millions ran the race of life.
The egg was ready.
The winner would be the body.
The rest would be nothing.
Out of many, he became the body.
May the day his parents met be blessed.
This is the miracle.
The end was unpredictable.
The news was unbelievable.
The beautiful flowers wither earlier than expected.
The ugly ones linger, and are much pollinated.
This is life.
A composite of fright, smiles and cries.
No one knows the time.
The world marveled at his great works.
The vision was real, the archeologist will be thrilled.
The hero will be missed.
The road sign in the path of hope.
The villain was gravity.
Gravity without sanity
They say, the meek will inherit the earth.
The man at the pinnacle should lean on miracles.
Where is the miracle?
Six minutes against gravity, he took the wings of the morning.
Guided by the mighty hand.
He was a miracle.
Six feet beneath, his great works illuminate the dark world.
The crowd couldn’t agree more.
He is a miracle.
Atinsola Mayowa
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Standing still steel in composed figure
Sometimes be stone to err
The Almighty sharpens by whetstone
Through corporal punishment as vice of own
For vicinity of social grievance
Moreover competency casual reliance
Decides firmly
Gradual plea .
Normal nourished with love
Arrogance reflects fouling rough
Snaps asunder rather than bend
In heart sediment be stained
Evil thoughts reprimand
To express foolish grand
Does mitigation
Latest and last passion !
No doubt in breath
Been strewn with
Super intellects irritate
Inordinate desire is on dead
Later returns back in well
Blessed by in angel
Gladdens peace
As human at ease .
-By Bidhan Chandra Roy
@All rights reserved. 27.03.2019
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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Madness of love

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Madness of love

Do not bother to call my name
If you still love me then pray for me
For i will dance with my leg lame 
If ever I grow a seed of love in me
Do not bother to cry for me
For you broke me before I grew strong
Reserve the best wishes for me
But never judge me right or wrong
You were the devil who carved my gun
With a bullet of bitter broken feelings
You are the woman who will break my son
And keep this cursed circles rolling
You said your love was as sweet as heaven
That every man who has it tucks it tight
If this is what you call your mighty heaven
I will rather have my rest in hell tonight
Share my bed with the devil if need be
Dine with Jezebels more whores and wine
For you are too righteous a devil to be
I will spare you no room if heaven's mine
I walk in an entangled road of strangers
Where love I never pray to ever find
And if ever I will meet another sweet lover
I will run like a mad prey to hide
Do not blame me but if you must
Then wash with a wormwood your tongue
If you spit not, give your tongue no trust
For so I was laid to burn by love's tong
I have tasted the lashes of loneliness
I have felt the fangs of a lover's deceit
To me love is nothing but much madness
Where youth burns precious time to fit
Who has ever satisfy the belly of love
Where still the hunger of heartbreak hunts
I will walk in the path where love is gone
A road where I will never get hurt
If love be home I will rather be homeless
Than have my heart mended in a moment
another moment been broken to madness
Where you die the death of no treatment
by king adams
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Friday, March 15, 2019



Her soul raises new generation
She’s the future,the universe holds
The world wouldn’t be complete without her
It wouldn’t grow if she never existed
The woman,a myth of creation
She’s angel in measure but a mystery
As the rose petals ,she’s delicate
The candle of beauty glowing only in the dark
Her true beauty reflects her soul
Her beauty with passing years,only grows
She’s beautiful, loves pure and right
She’s a puzzle concealed
Yeah ! She has a brave soul
But she wears the veil of weakness
Like a leaf,she’s weak and like the granite,she’s strong
She fights her weakness,her strength makes up
Her strong wills,defining her attitude
She hates and loves,very contradicting folk
Her love,so fierce and unconditional
She’s a twist,can’t be predicted
She’s ignited pain by the words
And still wears the smiling mask,she’s given
She’s hailed in her smiling face
Not knowing her state, behind the smiles
She’s screamed with her silence,not the loud voice
Like the warriors,she confronts her tussles
She completes her strive with no one
It’s her wish to have all the wins to herself
She grows like a seed to her majority
At her majority,she makes a home
Building a new world with a man
She’s the sun to the loved man
An inspiration , every man seeks
This is her and she’s proud of herself
She forgives her hurts and heals her wounds
Her dreams and desires are wild
Now,she’s a mother to her children
She’s blessed with so much energy
The children are crying,her care is unending
At her expense,she wouldn’t keep them hungry
Very naive but virtuous wife to her man
She’s beautiful from young to her old
Oh ! She only have one fault
She forgets what she worths,she’s unique
All Right Reserved
©Chukwunulu Chinedu ,03.05.2019
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Moonlights fades,we are no more
Swirling wind blew ill feelings to me
And I couldn’t stop it’s tiding waves
I’m crashed in the feelings of loneliness
Tis’ day,the clear sky clouded with darkness
It’s a new dawn but I’m wrapped in shadows
In a twinkle of an eye,my sun rise burnt
The breeze of ill feelings,I embrace
The sunshine in my life stays afar
No more,I can’t reach the stars
She has become the shadow of my light
I wake up with tears of cries in my eyes
I climbed mountains and swam oceans
To keep our love safe and growing
I built my world around her,she’s my sun
I was the reason she had breathe
In the mirror,when I looked into my eyes
I see me in oceans of sorrows and pains
She’s the reason I’m loosing my state
My heart,pierced with her sweet lies
Every dawn promises,suddenly died
It’s a pity I saw the traces coming
But in her love I was embraced
My world ends, I’m heart broken
Webs of my fingers feels empty without holding hers
My heart feels empty without her
I feel incomplete ,she’s half part of me
I can’t keep her off my mind
Tis ‘ feelings in me are different
Flashes of our best moments
Recordings of her voice when she assured love
I’m weak ,loosing my consciousness
My heart,the victim of her lies
Not so soon will I heal this wound
She played my feelings in pretense
Oh ! She’s just a passing flame
Lots of passion mixes when she smiles
My love never lasted as she tasted
I feel like a trash disposed after use
My sacrifices never worth a copper
Our ever-blazing and blissful moments was not cherished
Yeah ! She made hell my new world
I never envisaged we could end soon
It’s my dream to grow old with her
I wish I could turn back the hands of the clock
I’m trying to hold on but I wish I could
She couldn’t keep on the light
I just wished she could fix things right
All Rights Reserved
©Chukwunulu Chinedu , 03.11.2019
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Thursday, March 14, 2019



Mysterious ,the life of an African man
Clapping his drum,voices echoing
Melodic music ,keeping the hearts smiling 
Echoing rhythm of passionate feelings
Myth,the black man’s way of talking to his god
Reaching to the god with his drumming
Appealing for peace in his surroundings
With his drum beats,he appeases the god
The black man draws happiness from the drum beats
The cry of the drum springs smiles
The drum vibrates,sounding loud
And very pleasing to the listening ears
With dexterity and fiercely,he hits the drum
From afar,the cry of the drum louds
He has no respect for the drum
His performance got everyone,mind blowing
He’s focused,beats thunderously
Blooming the minds and souls
Dancers mimicking steps to soothe the beat
With the twerking of the maiden’s waists
Sounds of his drum beating, draws every soul near
He steals the hearts of everyone through his drumming
He wouldn’t miss its rhythmic pattern for a time
His drum talks the lyrics in his mind
Slowly drum beat, touches the soul in amaze
The drum beat sets moody and tear drops from the eye
And it’s melody sends souls of the dead to heaven
Oh ! He possess a sense of grandeur in drumming
All Rights Reserved
©Chukwunulu Chinedu , 03.12.2019
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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Dear Rich

Dear riches, 

Do you know that life is like a Burning candle 
And affirmably like a walking shadow 
That tomorrow speaks better than today
You might be a talk of the town today
And end up being a satirical discuss tomorrow

Dear riches,
Remember that to be wealthy doesn't mean to be healthy
Remember that..... That u will be buried
The same way have-not is being buried
And the same ground swallows the sinker
Perhaps! Six feet

Dear riches,
Today will be no more
Only your deeds will overwhelm people's ear
when you are gone
Your deeds will determine whether your grave is to be spat on or reconstructed

Dear riches,
For how long have you been dead?
For how long have you been lost to the world?
It's like we never existed
You've got some shit on your mind?
Then why......?
Why is it that our tears is what you are using
to soak life?

Dear riches,
Your hands is for feeding lives
Not for making them to feel hungry
You are to save lives
And not to take souls
We are pleading you to be a torch
Guiding our feet to cross the hurdle
And no to be a rod
Decorating our flesh with pools of blood

Dear riches,
Have this in mind
That the sun will soon set
Behind it a shadow will stretch
That time flies like an arrow
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet come and we have only today
You can have it all, just not all at once.

My pen speaks

©oluwadamilare Sunday Ademola
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What is the hard thing about hard things?

What is the hard thing about hard things?

I sat in church this morning hoping to leash a bible verse that would make me ponder, wonder, draw inference or make reference to events.
During Sunday school, we had read our text James 5: 1-20; an expository on the present ills of the society I concluded. I kept going back to verses 17 and 18. “Elias was a man subjected to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain: and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months. And he prayed again, and the heaven gave rain, and the earth brought forth her fruit.”
Why would someone pray against rainfall for 3 years? Inhumane? Uneconomical? Unhealthy? And lot of Un’s . . . . I wish I could gain more exposition on the particular Bible verse but who are we to question the wonders of God. A very hard thing to pray for either then or now, so hard, yet it happened. He prayed again for heaven to give rain and it did. Some kind of stunt or a scene in Hollywood?
What’s the hard thing in praying for a hard thing if it will fight against our adversaries, it’s hard only if you feel it’s not possible, it’s hard only if you don’t have faith, it’s hard when you condemn yourself and hard when you cry hard rather than kneel before the throne of Grace.
Still, what’s really the hard thing about hard things? Water came out from the rock, red sea was divided for the children of Israel to cross over, David victory against Goliath, Victory of Esther against Ham. . . . what’s really the hard thing about fighting for freedom.
As Christians, we are made to know that there is nothing too hard for God only if you can pray.
So, when you pray, I hope you won’t come back to tell tales of “hard thing about hard things."
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Tuesday, March 12, 2019


'Adiaha Adiaha'

the breeding tree of the efik tribe,
Her root runs through the ibibio's land leaving footprints of Ekombi, she taught the children their first Dance steps.
I heard her soul is older than itu river, where the Obong of Calabar had his first bath.
I heard the igbos calls her 'Ada'
A true born African.
Her hips seals lips
for a thousand words are wrapped around her waist and
her chest carries a mountain
A canaan of its own,
Flowing with milk and honey
even Israel cannot compete.
for, her mind has won more battles than Joshua ever did with a sword.
Her dark skin told the African tales, She was the voice that directed the moonlight at
The young ones looked up to her while their
mother reminisce.
She fed lord lugard and Nnamdi Azikiwe even before they knew how to spell their names..
She was there when Ojukwu declared war on her sons and her daughters were made barren..
She's the mother of poets and the inventor of poetry;
Stories were like poems in her mouth even before Hollywood could master the art...
Her tongue had painted more pictures in the heart of her children
so Her HISTORY they never forget
(c) Art Titude
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Look how we've barricaded our land with the arrows of tribal wars
We lost the prints of our fathers and forgot how they washed the fibre of unity
In the blood of love.
The map we rolled was absent with the trails of us
The flaw of one man led to the hate of the tribe.
We have lost our sense in the land unknown and our
Stomping feet might forever lose it stomp.
It is the madness of the insane
where a sword is slain by a sword.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019



The one with blazing shirt agùntásolo
You pass and all kids want to be like you okùnrin méèsán
Your handsomeness enslave our village princess
Every omidan want the English speaking fluent man as her man
Your dudúlity shines like mistress okín feather
Soon, you visit the city where they proclaim you teacher oko
Now returning with your exposure, you said God does not exist
And you plant this seed of yours into young lads
Alákòwé, A day is coming when you will realise
that khaki is heavier and stronger than leather
That day, when you will not find peace in your books
And you will run to Eléda for protection and safety.
© Peter Boluwatife Ojediran

The meaning of the yoruba words
Alakowe means an educated man
Agùntásolo means a tall man
Okunrin meesan means an able bodied man
Omidan means maiden
Dudu means black while the lity is a bound morpheme that depict creativity
Okín means peacock
Oko means village
Khaki is a type of heavy attire, soldiers cloth are example of khaki, it texture is thick
Eleda means creator.
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Tickle me with your words
& my buds will attract butterflies
Of love,
 my heart will  blossom with flowers
Of purest feelings

Unravel the riddles in my eye
With the magics of your stares
&relish nectars of passion
Into my body

Reel poetry off my skin
When the sun conceals
& paint me with the undiluted colours
Of pure Affection till i blossom
Smiling to desires

Circle my rainbows with the fragrance of your dreams,
Spread your arms around my soul
Robe me with strength,
& cuddle me with ointments
Of your divine touch

©Captain tee
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Friday, March 1, 2019



Lost at sea and recharting bearings after shipwreck.
Dreams of a nation lost in darkness.
Prejudice and greed stains Her bright colors of green and white. 
That comes with ethnic cleansing threatening to wipe off her populace.
Is it not a shame that the endangered people trapped in the dark seem completely oblivious to these fast approaching calamities?
Yet they wave brooms and umbrellas like hypnotized people.
Selling their rights to political merchants.
Democracy, political affiliation now determines who upholds your essence.
How did we get here?
The jamboree of your birth, now trailed by agony.
O how the mighty have fallen
Wait, were you ever great?
How will I know?
For I was birthed decades after you.
And all I ever heard are stories of our heroes past.
Is it not right that I witness those stories too?
But I am yet to witness your greatness.
The title "Giants of Africa" all but a worthy lie.
The youths killing themselves for nothing but lies sold.
Democracy, the day of your so called birth now desecrated.
Democracy, the reason for your birth now in chains.
Who will free you from the chains of greedy leaders and their programmed followers?
Political merchants now flock your cities.
Making mockery of your supposed greatness.
Seat of power now sold to the highest bidder.
Seat of power now given to pretentious murderers.
Trigger happy officers murders her citizen and it's tagged accidentally discharge.
She watches incinerated, incapacitated of exercising her power.
Her now dead citizen weeps from the other side.
What a shame for democracy has been deflowered in the open.
The blood from her broken hymen yet to be cleaned and her nakedness is shown to all.
Democracy weeps in darkness.
The innocence of truth deflowered on the alter of lie.
How did we get here?
A ripple in the pond, water filled with bloodied roses.
Democracy dies in darkness.
Laws placed broken by the upholder of the same law.
Democracy dies in darkness.
Growth stagnated in greed, ego, ignorance and myopic thinking.
Democracy dies in darkness.
We all agitate for change.
Yet we find ourselves running around in the same vicious circle.
O democracy, your time of perfection now reduced to an illusion of the mind.
Lie now an art of perfection while truth becomes an illusion of the mind..
Truly democracy has died in darkness.
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