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Thursday, February 28, 2019

I couldn't write silence

I couldn't write silence

We cannot write silence.
The beats. 
The pause.
The breath.
The way it aches
and persists
and begs that,
if only for a moment,
our consciousness is only a whisper.
our bodies,
our lips,
the air that passes through falling chests
and stillness.
A melody of emotion.
Sleeping in the quiet of a heartbeat skipped
a word lost to the wind.
The wickedness of reticence
Encapsulated in air and time.
The moment stretched too long.
Hesitation perpetuated in the grip of fingernails
pressed into palms.
We cannot write silence,
but we can try.
to find a way to immortalize emotion
to create space
in the ceaseless drone of words that speak and spin.
I cannot write silence. But I can write
tears and years
and the burn of long-stretched lies.
I can write goodbyes and hellos
And dozen ways to say
I love to hate you
I hate to love you
and sometimes
I cannot tell the difference.
The space I have upheld for myself.
I love to hate you
I hate to love you too.
I cannot write silence.
But I know it.
and I have held it in my hand.
Written by
Babatunde habeeb olayinka Copyright
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Stillness: abruptly time consuming.
Time consuming; the lessons in silence.
Silence, an introvert can relate.
Very relative: the lessons learned in silence.
Silence, a synonym of the strong.
The strong, maintains silence in agony.
Silence, a source of both good and evil thoughts:
Thoughts, that speaks simultaneously.
Hearing simultaneously:
An attribute of the strong.
Silence, it makes the most sound.
The most sound: a car's silencer can relate.
Very relative, the sounds from a broken silencer.
Silence is not silent:
Either is silence an attribute of been silent.
The mouth that keeps silent,
Is reasoning in silence.
Reasoning in silence:
A noise that really disturbs the mind.
Silence! are you really silent?Or you are, perhaps, the ugliest noise in the mind of your bearer?
© Daniel Blessing.
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Wednesday, February 27, 2019



Green white Green
The Green died yesterday
The White got stained long
Before we even know
We watched in daylight
As they redirected the moonlight
To return to its shell
And never strive to dwell

We watched  as our Professors battled with figures
The conflicts between eye glasses and lamp
We watched as they walked in doubts
And betrayer of conscience to submit their shit
The people we hold in high esteem

Then I smiled
“money answereth all things”
The rich will always use the poor to get richer
And the ill educated ones will continue to use
The highly  educated ones to make their ways


An umbrella whose shadow
We cannot runaway from
“Whatsoever a man sow so shall he also reap”
Baptism of fire
A reflection of the evil days
“the do or die political era”

They keep playing with the lives of the masses
To gain their personal desires
Lives will always lost
The usual cases of Rivers
But one day “bush meat go catch the hunter”

The deal has be done
Another regime is born
“Next Level”
Four years of uncertainty
One thing is sure, no matter the outcome
We will surely  triumph to the other side
Like the children of Israel .

Aghadaghebalu Clement Ese
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Tuesday, February 26, 2019


We mean nothing to you
But a pieces of trash,
Standing by the road side
Begging for daily manna,
The unhygienic breakfast with no hope
For lunch,
Neither somewhere to get pieces of beans cake
For dinner.

Yes, out of our needy, We'r still available
When your car got breakdown,
By the road side.
Yet with no reward, neither you care for our
You don't care for where we sleep,
Neither shelter us

You nagged at us when we ask
For help,
You snub our ideas when we
Brought up one.
Why the creator put us in this mess,
Is what we can't explain.
We also hope for good future,
But who will help?

We'r talented as well, but
Who will recognize us?
We have visions too, but
Who is there for us?
Thee more we strive, thee more
You oppress us.
The more we climb the ladder, thee more
You cut the down away.

Do we need to blame the creator?
That create us in His own image?
He should have create us among the
At least they enjoy little life with
Their brethren,
They care for each others and
Hope for the best.
There is nothing you can offer us,
Than to threaten and oppress
Our poor heart,
We have life to live too,
Stop oppressing our poor heart!!

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Monday, February 25, 2019


Last night; I saw you,
Walking afar, at the sea shore
With your legs buried in the loosed Sands.
The sea washed to shore in its turbulence.
With your legs buried into the earth, you sat at the bank,
Gazed at the calmness of the sea accompanied with the moist air that kissed your face.

I crept up to you from behind,
Shut your sight with my hands,
And sniffed your hair.
Oh! The enchanting smell gave some arousal.
I kissed your neck and gave back your sight.
You looked at me and with a bright smile,
You planted a kiss on my lips and some more.
I reciprocated and it sure lasted long.
I helped you up and led you to my Hut,
We held hand, with our finger interlocked.
And the bond was sure stronger than I could ever imagine.

Now in my Hut with doors shut and windows partially open,
I woke to reality.
Alas! It was a dream.
So I've come to you tonight to make last night a reality.
Here I have come with one thing,
I have come with my love from last night.

©Auta Kings
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fell in love again

To the fool that fell in love again...

To the fool that fell in love again
I gladly welcome you to my cranky world
A photocopy of romeo and Juliet is what you want
Knowing less that thorn is what I will give in return

A love full of honey is what he has proposed
Eternal care together with affection is what he said
Buying me the whole world he also included
Before the thought of other peacocks stole his heart

So beauty also gives up to the ghost
From the mouth of brother that cares not
Truly, all snakes are reptiles
Skipped my psyche, that love has caged

More lover, more hell
All rotten to the core
I the winner is dead in the game
But the cheat knows not pain but enjoys free life

Tell me brother that carries love on his arms
Falling into the trap over again, is that what you want?
So to the fool that fell in love once again, I say
That you are gladly welcome to my distressed world.

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By Najeeb Salaudeen Ajide

I was fixed and locked by the Lord
To be open by a flexible muscular sword
I am the little hole at the middle of a farm
Covered with net from the mysterious harm

A designed hole by the magnificent artist
Very hard for a straight guy to resist
In between their legs I am worthless
I am spread to the guys for free access

Tasting the non everlasting enjoyment
For guys they raised up their garments
To be penetrated by different types of meat
Beneath their legs lies sourness and heat

The monster rods of guys has dismantle me
Different types of OMÌ ÒGÌ has lost in me
I was designed and made for a single man
For Lustfully desire they changed the plan

Salaudeen Najeeb Ajide
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I am the one known as virginity
I live in a girl, not in your vicinity
Not an ordinary girl, the one of chastity
That protected me from publicity

I am a door that has been locked
From intruders I have been blocked
Before an entrance you need to knock
By paying a dowry, and to you I will be unlock

Breaking me out of wedlock is a sin
Till your night you should remain a virgin
The night your partner should be full of grin
That he married a pious soul not a dustbin

I am virginity in this century I am very rare
Because the girls sees me as a footwear
They share me among guys here and there
It's obvious, for me they no more care

Giving me away they see it as a pleasure
Forgotten that am a very scarce treasure
Me still in them makes them to be pure
If I am broken I can no longer be secure

Don't be concern about breaking me
I'm your purity don't break me for free
Till your wedding night you should let me be
After someone might have paid your bride fee

Make use of this pair of advice
Your friends aren't virgins don't be entice
That your virginity you also want to sacrifice
If it is kept for the right man it will be nice....

©Salaudeen Najeeb Ajide™️
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have you left me

on this lone path
where footprints are scars of yesterday's pain

have you left me here

at the bank of my still

of tributaries struggling
through the slopes

erosioned by the flood
my eyes can no longer keep

why have you left your laughter

To re-echo in the emptiness
of my heart

for when I call
your laughter answer in mockery

Oh Nkem !

Come come to my lone

The paths to the farm
misses your gentle strides of a jaguar

The trees yearn for
your sweet songs when you make

my man come home
to my heart


Photo credit: Ude Ugo
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Sunday, February 24, 2019


In exhibition of my feelings tonight
Let me as the lover boy be Ijapa tiroko
Let my charming Arabinrin mimics aunty Yanibo
And kerebuje will be the title of my poem

Ijapa the lover boy is not Kuku insane
But the beauty bestowed on aunty Yanibo can make someone go astray
If by luck she stares at you
The Jericho of your world will bow to the call without uttering hallelujah

Let me unwrap how my feelings was arrested without asking for arrest warrant
Let me tickles you how my Batsheba laid on her David's bed
Let me yawn you how my omo orogun was found under the blanket of her cooking pot

It was a faithful fanning night
A the balcony of lover's mansion
There was I when her shadow from afar clinch my polling booth
Inner armor rises above her appearance

Ogbeni Ijapa ready to crave for a prey
Charmingly, lines were rendered with album of songs
From chapter to chapter after the ludo game
Words collected aunty yanibo's thinking scarf
And lines swiftly sentenced her reasoning faculty.


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Save Land

When boredom comes
Tell him that I am on a journey
Journey to the land of erin arintakiti
Where sadness wanders barefooted

If you see loneliness at my doorstep
Please remind her that I won't be back again
That happiness has kidnapped me
And that I surrendered at the gunpoint of erin arinsubu

Less I wave off
I know of a friend
Solitude, his charisma defines him
Tell him at his peeps
That I have traveled to city of no name
Where pleasure staggers in idunnu

Let them know
That I won't be back again
That I penned a letter for them
Letter that will seek for a bowl of tears
Tell them not to weep
That I have fried a goodbye dirge for them.

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My pen has risen like opa oranmiyan
Ready to cum in the holy name of koloba
My diary has opened the cleavage of its wit
Like the tempting bum bum of ashewo oshodi

Tonight is a vigorous awakening
For ife oju lasan has no role to play here
And in the pleasing name of kori kosun
Will I untie the enticing scarf of ife oloyin

Let my poem tonight serves you ipekere
Permit my lines to dance round the outskirt of your buba
Let my stanzas in your mouth represents guguru oloyin
For my naked pen is awaiting your smile under the canopy of ere oge

Anike Ade, let me ta e lolobo
On your beauty that makes one to stagger like buraimo alamupara
On your sparkling eyeballs that makes me to Summersault in hat trick

Tonight under the detention of Koloba
Free your lips to cuddle my trembling omo orogun
Let my soothing hand caresses your cowbell factory
Anike Ade, for tonight calls for the clasp of our feelings.

Inferred by Oluwadamilare Sunday Ademola
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Kulikuli Alata

Under the canopy of ebi n pami
Let's merry with the presence of garri ijebu
Alongside with kulikuli Alata
With the invitation of omi tutu
And paint our belly with the arrival of eruku oshodi (milo)

Nobody knows it than I do
May your days be long in my throat KULIKULI ALATA.

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Happy birthday Osheidu Nelson

Without you,  school life
Would have been a bore
Not having anyone to share stuff with
Would have made me feel sore
Because of you
I look forward to each day
Hoping to hang out together
In the sun, aimlessly lay
In the true sense, you are
My  friend turn brother
I hope that life never keeps
Us apart from each other

The reason behind my smile
Is not money or success
The reason behind my smile
Is not promotion or progress
The reason behind my smile
Is not a new car or a new dress
The real reason behind my smile
Is you, my Nate, I confess
Happy birthday brother.

You count this year, not in tear
And u will count thousand of year
Happy smashing birthday

Diplomatic in nature
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So mean be ghost lexis
In shed of this plurality.
Stomach churns in dead desire
Of joy equilibrating hurt.
Wrongs entwined rights:
A delirious intersect
Of love conjoin sorrow.

Let death be dead forever…
A strife for a place in no place.
There lies the first victim- truth:
Predator of the day,
Prey of the dark night.
Wrath lurks in shells of sordid hearts
When blinded by masks of falsehood.
Till it explodes leave the ring in coffin.

Don’t pride in this romance.
If all known is a charming smile.
Deep inside lies the evening ghost
And again, a second victim- trust:
Bought at a cost- love for Brutus
Sold for nothing- a treacherous dagger.
Your heart shall be broken
When shadows hang
      On the brows of the evening.

- Tokle Pankyes Nathan
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Saturday, February 23, 2019


My home
A great country
A gaint hawker
Hacks young ones dream
Is an environment

Young ones dreams without achieving
Mother of dreams it is
The old refuse to give way
As the government remains gerontocracy

Where are we
Youths we are
Opportunity we lack
As our dreams seems defiled

We sleep in an insecurity
We got wounded while in search of daily earns
Prices kept going high
We have a government
We calm to be great

Here we are with heart full of hopes
Voting we do as rigging remains there act
As millions we begged for finds its way out during election
Our rights cease to be as we exchange it with money

Let's sleep not
Let's be the government
Let's vote to lead
Let's lead to achieve our dreams

Simeon ugochi
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I know love are regrets
that made me smoke cigarette...
oh my intentions are good..
 Lord please don't let me be misunderstood...

I threw up my hope like vomits..
and count my tears in tens and units...
I tried but love is just so rude...
oh Lord please don't let me be misunderstood....

Don't you know no one in flesh can be an angel....
so those sweet names you called me wont sell...
and now my heart has turn wood...
oh Lord please don't let me be misunderstood....

Oh dear,oh dear i am Just human...
Well you never knew you loved a wrong man...
but sometimes innocence can cause us wound...
oh Lord please don't let me be misunderstood....

In my home, my Africa....
love is a culture to remember..
praying in the church i Stood....
oh Lord please don't let me be misunderstood....

Don't you I have faults like every other?...
Don't you know i tried to put all in order?...
but each time am not with am just not in mood...
oh Lord please don't let me be misunderstood....

Oh this pain,this hatred.....
turns all i know and paints them red......
oh.... oh..oh no this wrong dude...
oh Lord please don't let me be misunderstood....

by ∆m∆tunde.........
{Nina Sim∆ne}¶
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Friday, February 22, 2019

Erase the pain or join the chain

Slavery has encrypted my mind
savagery is now the way of life
toys i play with now are guns and knifes
a young rebel i was turned into with there flattering lies

crying has now become smiling
i've lost alot of friends now
some of them will prolly turn into monsters by the end
time seems to be stuck on one end
with seconds moving back and forth
suicidal thoughts keep on hunting my mind
i try to escape but I'm heavily chained
and deep cuts
 have filled up my body
no one seems to care but me

the only freedom i have is my mind thinking out wide
i erase the pain, unloosen  the chain and get lost in my brain
i create my own world where love, happiness, joy and laughter forever reign
where there is no pain, hate or killing
i erase the pain and refuse to join the chain.
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Moonlit Night.

In the moonlit nightly, when Angels fall.
The nightmare makes our eyes lay through their flies.
O! The elegant In dark, walking like a blind-begger seeing with stick.
O! Angels In the dark, give us a food that would fly-away our sight.
O! Angels come out to give us the food of soul.
Their visage are what we see and fall.
O! Angels allow us to tall, so that we can touch the eye-shadow In night.
O! Angels allow us to tall, to touch the moon before the noon.
We are enjoying our moonlit-night with nightingale.
Let's be spending tomorrow with our today without
Feeling lonely, since we are enjoying our lifelong with Angels In the night.

Copyright: Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi.
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Depression Is like a rotten banana,
To a child, sprouting beneath the earth,
Into brown yam tubers.
It emerge like fabled masquerades,
Into a soul that It image showing
Iike a disdainful look.

A Cascade of  chlorophyll has a future to play,
But a hole of depression has damn It future's play.
As dry as an ocean dried, spits out In disgustful-ray.

The rainbow In the sky, doting Yellow on a hopeful
But, It has rounded It colourful-expectation to vanity.

Depression has a name,  longingly at a gaze lingers,
Pacify It rumbling belly.
As  journey goes, adventure moving on,
As life goes, perfectionism Is movingly-Impactful
In life.

A doctor who knows how to Inject souls with depression,
Has a destiny to hold In life without any segmentation.

Copyright: Abduwaheed Sofiullahi.
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