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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Kogi State University Starts War Against Indecent Dressing

Kogi state university has set a university task force to wage war against improper and indecent dressing ,  this committee has been a committee set up a long time by the school management but has not be effective. they made it known that this has been made known to all students through the students manual, from the first day you gain admission into this university the student handbook issues to you kick against indecent dressing.

This committee commence work early this morning from the faculty of social sciences where they single handedly handpicked  most students who  dressed indecently from different view such as crazy jeans, tinted hair, transparent clothes, long rope ladies sanders  and off shoulder clothes.

This committee  inform  the students  that they have come to stay in order to wage war against indecent dressings all students who are in one way or the other involve in this act   stop it or else they will be embarrassed and publicly disgraced and henceforth all proper dress code will  be followed  and inspected thoroughly.

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Monday, April 29, 2019

Dr Fabian Benjamin Talked About Date Of Jamb Results And How To Check It

The joint admission and matriculation board [Jamb] have come out openly to address the public that the just concluded jamb examination results will be ready any time soon from this week. This was disclosed by Dr Fabian Benjamin, on Saturday

He talked about proper screening going on but hopefully the result will be made available any time soon,jamb results was usually released 24hours or 48hours after the examination, but there head to be a change in hand in order to shun and minimize the rate of examination malpractice thats why we delayed  in terms of releasing of results this year.

once the results is out all candidates can use a mobile short code to check their  results via SMS, to 55019 using the same number that was used for registration then result, will be replied as an SMS shortly after.
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